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Week 14

A day at Probably Paradise Animal Shelter
  • Medical
  • Animal Welfare
About the organisation

Probably Paradise is an animal care shelter centre supporting old, handicapped and chronically injured animals. Roxanne Davur, opened this shelter with an effort to build a home for those animals who were shunned away because of certain deformities.

What did we do?

Meeting Roxanne was an experience in itself. Roxanne, in her own inimitable (and amusingly intimidating) way sat us down through an informal workshop on the etiquette of interacting with animals. A lesson she strongly advocates - always approach animals with your palms facing up. Treat them how you would treat humans.

Roxanne gave us a fascinating tour of Probably Paradise. We got acquainted with most of the 82 dogs, 35 cats, 4 ponies, 4 donkeys, a pig and a horse that the shelter houses. Each one with it's own unique story on how it reached the shelter.

When you do visit Probably Paradise, make sure you allow for at least 3 hours to take in Roxanne's personality and stories as well as to meet all the animals. Despite suffering one too many hardships in protecting her animals, she is one of the the funniest bones you will ever meet.

Roxanne will be using our collective contribution to pay off part of the animals' medical and food bills.

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