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Week 28

Birthday Celebration with children of Access Life
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About the organisation

Access Life provides a loving & temporary home for the parent & the child undergoing the treatment for cancer.

What did we do?

Few things are as fulfilling as sharing your gifts with others.

All of us celebrated the birthdays of Sanchi Motwani and Aakanksha Maheshwari with children fighting cancer homed at Access Life along with their parents.

There were games, dances, gifts, food and cakes. Even a circle of silence and prayers for the children and birthday girls.

We had met the children and the parents in May. While most children were still there, some of them have recovered well and gone back to their villages while one child left us for heavenly abode. Their strength in their suffering always inspires us.

As always we took back more than we gave. Who knows who the giver is and who the receiver is.

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