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Week 12

Cricket with the Differently abled.
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About the organisation

Shraddha Charitable Trust, a vocational workshop, that empowers and rehabilitates severely autistic and mentally challenged young adults and enables them to earn a living. The young adults are trained to master simple skills such as sticking, folding, plastering, beading, moulding, etc; which allows them to lead a life of self-sufficiency.

What did we do?

This week we met the amazing and talented young adults of Shraddha Charitable Trust with whom we  had a blast sharing the playground while playing cricket; and before we could realize they took to the floor dancing to the tunes of Bollywood numbers.

After a brief stint of dance and cricket, it was snack time, where they relished some slice cakes. Manek Ma’am and her team were kind enough to give us a  tour of their workshop where the young adults  craft different eco-friendly products which one can also purchase from their website.

Our  collective contribution, helped them with the installation of cupboards and sealing machines.

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