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Week 3

Dance workshop at Chembur Children's Home
  • central mumbai
  • Children
About the organisation

The Chembur Children's Home, Mankhurd, established in 1939, is a part of the Children Aid’s Society which is based on the soundest principles that every child should be explored to grow up to earn a respectable member of the society with a clear conscience and ability to earn a living. Children from 6 to 18 years of age reside in Chembur Children’s Home. The institution has its own school and children can study from 1st grade to 10th grade, also vocational coaching is provided to the children. The institution houses 275 mentally disabled children (girls and boys).

What did we do?

Choreographers Abhishek and Esha spread the joy of dancing, allowing the children to express themselves without any inhibition. The children danced to the tunes of “Mundiyan to bach ke rahi”. Along with the dance performances, drawing books and chocolates were also distributed.

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