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Week 5

Distribution of Adult diapers at All Saints Home
  • central mumbai
  • Women Welfare
  • Senior Citizens
About the organisation

Established in 1897, All Saints Home at Mazgaon is an all women shelter home. The institution offers shelter, food and care to 40 female senior citizens. They are served meals 3 times a day, along with medicines and all other amenities to support and take care of them.

What did we do?

It all started with Jenny Aunty’s rendition of “Haye huku haye huku haye haye...” which was enacted by the very talented Karan. This was followed by Gujarati Aunty’s garba performance which was enjoyed by everyone. Everyone broke into peals of laughter once Karan started mimicking Sunil Shetty from the movie, “Dhadkan”. Salma aunty shared her many stories of Amsterdam and the kind of novels she loves to read. Along with distribution of adult diapers, snacks and chocolates were also distributed; and they thanked us in the form of benediction.

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