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Week 59

Group Act of Kindness with Great Place To Work Institute
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About the organisation

1Smallstep enables the good you want to do.

What did we do?

The Great Place To Work Institute - an authority in identifying and recognizing companies with a great work culture - invited us to share our experiences and learning from 100aWeek’s weekly acts of service. 
 We spoke about our experience with “Kindness” with the context of work culture. 
We spoke about sympathy, empathy and compassion and internal transformation vs external impact. 
 We ended the talk with a small gift of 2 chocolates to each employee of Great Place To Work Institute - one for themselves, and one to give to someone as an act of kindness. An act of compassion cannot be soundbited.
 The CEO of the Institute - Prasenjit Bhattacharya - ended the session by speaking about Buddha and compassion. The Institute is an ambassador of corporate culture and nothing would make us happier than corporations embedding kindness and service as part of their culture.

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