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Week 11

Housie Session at Paraplegic Foundation.
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About the organisation

The Paraplegic Foundation works towards the betterment of the paraplegics and the severely orthopedically disabled. They do this by providing them with facilities in the form of accommodation, medical care, physiotherapy and mental support.

What did we do?

Week 11 was spent playing Housie with the enthusiastic people who call Paraplegic Foundation their temporary home. We met some amazing people over there, Afzhal being our favourite who wasn't bogged down with his inability to walk, rather was more than happy to show us some cool stunts which he performs with the help of his wheelchair.

While the Housie session was on, they snacked in some muffins and played along. In the end, we had a total of 7winners including a Full Housie winner, all of whom were given a gift as a token of our gratitude. With our collective contribution, we helped them with financial support to repair and maintain the beds and mattresses, as asked for.

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