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Week 18

Music and Stories with RJ John
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  • Children
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About the organisation

Bal Anand World Children Welfare Trust has been providing shelter, nutrition and education to orphans since 1984. Life of a child in Bal Anand is well maintained with proper routine chalked out for each day. The children are brought up in a way such that they become responsible future citizens. Bal Anand also houses some differently abled children and special provisions are made for them.

What did we do?

RJ John, 1071. Rainbow FM, befriended the children by narrating stories, playing the ukelele and singing songs. Each song or story highlighted a certain value. The kids also participated in a coloring session. The event continued way post the scheduled time since the kids wanted more of RJ John.

One of the volunteers got a beautiful chocolate cake, which we cut with children while singing happy birthday to all.

Bal Anand urgently needed funds for school uniforms for 7 of their children. Our collective contribution went towards that.

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