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Week 33

Oman Cancer Association visit
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About the organisation

Oman Cancer Association (OCA) is the brainchild of a 4 times cancer survivor Ms. Yuthar AlRawahi. Founded in 1999, OCA’s vision in to create awareness of cancer as a curable disease if diagnosed early. OCA also provides a home for children from low income groups getting treatment for cancer.

What did we do?

We met the management at OCA and they shared the various programs and drives for cancer awareness and treatment. Dr. Waheed Al Kharousi, Chairman of OCA, discussed some on the challenges the organisation is facing. We also shared our learnings from Emergency Fund campaign that we had done with Tata Memorial Hospital - 1SmallStepForCancer. 

Later, we visited the shelter where the children stay. It has a beautiful Arabic name which in English translates to "House of Compassion". We met Omani as well as Yemeni children and spend some time with them. Language was a barrier but we connected beyond words. Our shared humanity more than made up for inability to communicate verbally.

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