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Week 7

Play date with animals at YODA
  • south mumbai
  • Medical
  • Animal Welfare
About the organisation

Youth Organization in Defense of Animals, Mumbai provides a wide range of animal welfare activities like rescues, rehabilitation, medical-aid, background research for adopters & medical emergencies when required. Pooja Sakpal, the founder has been selflessly nursing these animals for the past few years.

What did we do?

Week 7 was spent with the animals at the YODA shelter. YODA mainly has dogs and cats. All animals there are under treatment or recovery. We not only played and fed the animals but also watched over them as they were being treated by the vet in charge. A few of us also took the broom and cleaned up behind the animals best we could.  

There were about 50 animals in the shelter. Volunteers are always welcome to drop in whenever they want to contribute and play with the animals. 

With your contribution we provided medical supplies for the treatment of the animals.

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