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Week 66

Playdate with children of Desire Society
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About the organisation

Desire Society is a shelter for HIV+ children

What did we do?

Gratitude to our volunteers Akanksha and Payal for organizing this week’s event.
15 children from Desire Society came to the Gozoop office. While they were adjusting to a corporate office setting, a dip in the ball pen area set everyone loose. The younger kids drowned in the pool of balls. 
After this ice breaker, the children showed their dancing skills to the team at Gozoop who cheered to their moves. The children then played Dancing Chairs and 4 corners with the employees of Gozoop. This was followed by some burgers and desserts for all. 
Spending time with the children taught us so much. These children may have a shortened life. But they have a lot of life in them. 
Bhushan Mungekar from Gozoop shares from his experience:
“There was a smile spreading on my face as the children from Desire Society made the Gozoop office space a dance floor of their own. The older kids performed for us first – a graceful dance to a catchy Bollywood song.
When the younger ones of the lot flashed their dance moves, the whole office erupted with cheers. It amazed me how such little, cute children were filled with so much energy and warmth. When they invited us to dance with them, the child within me could not resist it and I joined without even thinking twice. I had the time of my life, knowing that I had caused them to smile by just dancing to their favorite songs.
When they left for home, waving goodbye to us all, only one thought lingered in my mind: no matter how much we fear life, we should enjoy it to the fullest. It inspired me how these children made most out of the littlest things and had fun with no regrets. We only live once and honestly, once is enough if we live it to our fullest. Or, in other words, YOLO!”

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