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Week 39

Playdate with children on Desire Society
  • south mumbai
  • Medical
About the organisation

Desire Society focuses on disadvantaged children such as children with HIV, children abandoned by one or both parents, children of sex workers and abused children.

What did we do?

For Week 39, we had the opportunity to play games with and serve lunch to the 30 children from the Goregaon centre of Desire Society. 
The children, who were dance experts, enjoyed moving their leg to Bollywood tunes. Post the dance session, we cut a cake to celebrate the birthdays of the children. 

Akanksha Gupta shares from her experience with the children:
“Most of the time, we forget to smile and be grateful for the good health we’re gifted with. I met little kids with HIV positive, living at the shelter home for 6 years. As soon as we entered, they smiled and started calling out 'Hi didi'. They said a welcome prayer for us, it was so overwhelming to feel such warmth. We played with them, and the best part was their love and excitement for dancing.

We cut a cake to celebrate all of their birthdays in the year. One of the little girls even asked me to come for her birthday in the month. If I had to express well, I’d say- Their laughter made me feel at peace that most people and things cannot. It was truly beautiful.”

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