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Week 10

Playtime with the kids at Dream Girl Foundation
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  • Nutrition
About the organisation

Dream Girl Foundation focuses on the upliftment of girls by providing them with education, shelter & clothing. The organization provides quality education to all the underprivileged girls so as to enhance their standard of living in the long run.

What did we do?

This week we had a blast with the children of Dream Girls Foundation. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the kids even in the sweltering heat.

We played games like- Kauwa Udi where the kids had to recite a poem or dance as soon as they were out of the game; along with this they also enacted to the tunes of “Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses.”

Apart from the kiddy games which we played, we also distributed muffins and chocolates to tickle their taste buds. Through our collective contribution, we helped them by providing them in installing a ceiling fan as well as by providing them with stationery which included crayons, drawing books and notebooks

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