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Week 52

Shoe Painting & Distribution
  • Children
About the organisation

1SmallStep enables the good you want to do.

What did we do?

Week 52 marked 1 year of our 100aWeek project. 52 weeks of small acts of kindness. 
Our volunteer Dimple Parikh has known these children of Sandhurst Road slums (the one near the Eastern Freeway entrance) for some time now. 
She noticed most of them didn't have proper footwear (some didn't have any at all). That’s how she came up with the novel idea of self-designed canvas shoes for the children. 
Each child adorned his / her shoes with acrylics (some even glammed them up with glitter). A special thanks to the Mumbai Police for letting us use their compound for the event. 
Mad Over Donuts send donuts for all the children while some of the volunteers brought chocolates.
It was a colorful Sunday!

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